How to Motivate Kids

when rules, consequences and rewards don’t work

Do these sound familiar…

  • My child refuses to do homework.
  • My kid is unmotivated to study and falling behind in school.
  • Tablet, cellphone, video games, I’ve already taken away everything, but it keeps getting worse.
  • I’ve tried all the parenting advice but nothing worked.
  • I’m frustrated watching my child struggling in school but don’t know how to help them.

The REAL reason most parenting methods don’t work …

Most parenting methods don’t work because they try to change kids’ behavior from the outside instead of motivating them from within.

External motivation doesn’t help kids succeed in the long run.

Only internal motivation can.

When children are intrinsically motivated, they strive to achieve without being forced to.

Rewards and punishment might seem to work the first few times, but eventually they will stop working, or worse, backfire.

But there’s actually an easier, and far less stressful, way to motivate your child.

Did you know study shows that internally motivated students outperform unmotivated students by 34%?

I went from skipping homework and failing classes to graduating from top colleges.

I used to be a parent’s nightmare.

I was a lazy third grader. I watched TV all day, skipped homework, and even lied about it.

Thanks to my mother’s parenting, I eventually developed internal motivation to learn and became self-driven to achieve.

Now I help parents turn their unmotivated kids into engaged and thriving learners.

I have developed a 4-step motivation strategy based on my mother’s parenting and proven science to motivate kids intrinsically.

And it works.
Our daughter has thrived even on distance learning.

My strategy has also transformed many unmotivated kids into engaged A-learners.

Your advice has made homeschooling so much easier.

Nina, parent

Nina, parent



Your child completes homework and studies hard on their own

Get Good Grades

You don't have to bribe to get good grades as your child enjoys learning

Listen and Respect

Your child listens without disrespectful attitude

Joyful House

Your house is filled with joy and laughter rather than fights or anger


How To Motivate Kids

when rules, consequences and rewards don’t work
Proven 4-Step Strategy To Motivate Kids

without using rules, consequences, rewards, nagging or pleading

Avoid The #1 Mistake Parents Make

when trying to motivate kids so your child can stay motivated and thrive

How To Effortlessly Get Your Child Engaged In School

so they will learn and do homework without arguing

Learn The Secrets To Creating Internal Motivation

so your child can become a self-driven go-getter to achieve their goal

Venn Diagram of autonomy, mastery, relationship and remove toxic stress

I’m a mom, wife, bestselling author and the Editor-in-Chief of Parenting for Brain, a parenting publication with more than 2.8M readership. I help parents raise thriving kids.

Join the hundreds of parents who have used this long-term motivation strategy successfully and discover how science can help your child reach their potential.

Yours sincerely,
Pamela Li
MS, Stanford University
MBA, Harvard University

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The secret behind this Motivation Strategy is that it starts with YOUR mindset and expectations. Because if your mind isn’t in this the right way or have the right expectations, this strategy is not going to work!

Commit to this and stick with it even when things get tough believing you can ride it out and succeed.

Learn the 4 essential elements in creating motivation in kids. You will learn the WHYs and the HOWs so you can adapt this strategy to your unique situation.

Avoiding the loss of motivation is as important as gaining it. You’ll learn how to systematically look for and eliminate toxic stress from your child’s life.

I give you the discipline blueprint to create the most important motivator. You’ll learn how to use it to build internal motivation in your child.

Once you learn the most powerful motivator, you’ll be empowered to guide your child and help them develop unstoppable inner drive to achieve.


Your child’s brain chemistry and learning style can affect how they absorb information. I will teach you how to look for and use it to facilitate your child’s learning.

Put all three motivators together and create the optimal self-drive in your child so they can reach their potential and succeed in life.

Help your child reach their potential. Enroll today.



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What People Are Saying

It worked. My daughter now actually likes learning and going to school.

Sukhi, parent

I couldn't believe how much easier it was to get my grandson to listen using this method.

Elisabeth, grandparent

I applied the motivation strategy with my son. What a huge difference in how he responds!

Rose, parent

Melody Schmitke: my kid does well in school. and my relationship with him has improved so much
Lily Madarasz: the motivators are eye openers. they make so much sense and work well for our kids. thanks a lot for sharing your insights!

My motivation strategy is battle-tested and science-backed.

But if this isn’t exactly what you need, go through the materials, really put some effort into it. If within 30 days, you don’t feel it is worth what you paid, just send me an email for a prompt refund.

What People Are Saying

Now my kids do what they need to do without being told.

Lindsey, grandparent

I love that the unique approach to motivating kids is simple, effective and backed by enormous amount of scientific proof.

Trinity, parent

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for parents and caregivers of school-aged children who lack motivation to study, from elementary school to high school.

Absolutely. Although every child is different, the strategies in this course are created based on experience and proven science, and can be adapted to kids of different temperaments.

The strategies in this course are based on proven science that increases motivation in human and should work for kids with different conditions. However, even with increased motivation, parents and caregivers will still need to work with corresponding professionals to address those medical concerns. This course does not provide medical advice.

This course teaches parents and caregivers how to motivate their children. If your child lacks motivation, you and your child will benefit from this course. However, motivation alone cannot overcome medical conditions. Your child will still need professional help to address those issues independently.

We offer a 30-day refund guarantee. Simply send us an email at for a refund.

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