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Beyond Behaviors


This is another great book that helps parents of ODD and ADHD kids.

Delahooke integrates Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory with information of sensory systems and neuro-science to help parents deal with challenging behavior. Behaviorally challenged kids generally have an overactive fight-or-flight response to daily stressors. Their high-strung nervous system keeps their brains from developing on par with their peers and causes misbehavior.

The parental strategy reframes challenging kid “problems” and helps teachers and parents shift paradigm away from reward and punishment to empathy and compassion. It’s a refreshingly compassionate and brain-based idea.

Beyond Behaviors lays out the importance of building an environment of safety, respecting individual diversity, and understanding children’s sensory and nervous systems. It also provides a roadmap for adults to learn to regulate their emotions. Only when people can provide an emotionally healthy, loving and kind environment will they be able to can help their kids.